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Common Questions About Reroofing Answered

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    If you want to make a minor repair to your roof or replace it completely, Tiger Team Roofing will guarantee you maximum satisfaction.

    The weather of South Florida does take its toll on the rooftop of your house. However, Tiger Team Roofing will help restore your roof to its original form and help protect it against all challenging climate conditions with a team of trusted professionals.

    As a homeowner, your primary concern is for your house to be a safe place that protects you from a rainy day. The last thing you need is water to seep in through your roof and damage the things inside the house.

    This blog post will cover some or most of your questions and concerns regarding re-roofing. Let’s first try to understand what re-roofing is.

    What Is Re-Roofing?

    Re-roofing is a process in which layers of new shingles are placed on top of existing ones. This is a process that can only be done once, and it works best when you re-roof the entire area of your roof instead of just portions of it. Adding an extra layer on top protects your original roof and prevents water and dust from seeping in.

    How Is Re-Roofing Done?

    The process starts with an experienced team’s formal inspection to assess if you need to re-roof. If you qualify, the team will install a new layer of roofing felt over the roof before installing the new shingles.

    Following this, new shingles will be laid over the old set. This will be done row-by-row until the whole area is covered.

    How Long Will It Last?

    The first and original layer of shingles, on average, has a life of between 20 to 30 years if it is properly maintained. However, after the re-roofing process, the second layer of shingles that rests on top of the first has a shorter life span than the first.

    Does Re-Roofing Save Money?

    To sum it up for you, yes, it saves you money. It’s for this reason many homeowners are opting for re-roofing instead of completely having their roofs replaced. After all, the roof replacement process is much more costly than re-roofing. Since there’s no need to remove the entire layer of shingles, the re-roofing process takes much less time and effort and is also light on your wallet!

    Can My Roof Handle the Weight of Another Layer?

    Your roof is strong enough to hold 20 pounds of weight to answer. However, it is best to leave this job to the team of experienced professionals at Tiger Team Roofing. They’ll assess whether installing the roof on top of the existing one is safe.

    How Do I Prepare My House for Re-Roofing?

    Here are a few simple measures to prepare your house for optimal results.

    • The team will have to move heavy materials onto your roof. So, it is best to ensure that everything is out of the way. With no objects getting in the way, they’ll have clear access to the roof and complete work faster.
    • Keep your windows closed and cover expensive, sensitive items with a cloth as this process involves a lot of dust flowing around.
    • Make sure that your kids and pets are not around while the work is in progress.
    • Trim any branches near your roof that may hinder the team’s work.

    Does the House Need to Be Vacated During Re-Roofing?

    The process of re-roofing takes about two to three days at most. So, you can plan a weekend getaway with your family during this time. However, having plans that keep you away from your home is unnecessary. You only need to ensure that windows and doors are shut tight to stop dust from entering, and you should be good.


    As a homeowner in Fort Lauderdale Broward County, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties, you must realize the importance of keeping the roof of your house in good shape as it adds to the value and security of your household.

    With age and the changing climate, roofs get damaged, and water and dust particles seep in.

    To make all your roof-related problems go away, contact us at 954-751-4979 today, and we will visit your place for an inspection. If you would like to email us directly, please email gigi@tigerteamroofing.com.

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