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Tiger Team Roofing’s Safety Policy

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    The safety of Tiger Team Roofing's employees, customers-their employees, the public, and all company operations is paramount to us. Safety will take precedence over expediency and every employee shall attempt to reduce the responsibility of accident and injury occurrences.

    Tiger Team Roofing intends to comply with all safety laws and/or regulations, and ordinances. All employees, as a condition of employment, are expected to perform all tasks in the most safe and efficient manner and must obey all laws and our company safe work rules while on duty.

    It is our desire to provide the safest workplace possible in order to have a harmonious environment and to do so we must insist upon compliance with safe methods and practices. It is expected and a basic responsibility, not only of each employee, but managers to make the safety of human beings a part of their daily and hourly concern. Supervisors at all levels are charged with the responsibility of advancing safety and loss prevention practices outlined in this safety policy.

    This policy is a reference and guideline to assist all our personnel in good sound safety practices. It is not intended to cover every situation that could arise and your good judgement and continued personal safety education is a must to make our safety & health program mutually successful.

    Management considers no phase of operations or administration being of greater importance than the safety and accident/injury prevention area of our company. We believe in the dignity and importance of our employees, as individuals, to derive personal satisfaction from your connection with our company. You are truly each a vital part of helping to make our corporation a "GREAT" organization and management thanks each of you.

    Good Health and Prosperity,
    Tiger Team Roofing Management