Building with metal roof under construction

If you’re ready to get a new roof, knowing the basics helps you ask the right questions. It’s easy to understand roof shingle basics, and it’s essential to know when it’s time to replace your roof or do repairs. You can call on Tiger Team Roofing roof repairs for a consultation; you will be talking to South Florida’s top roofers.

Roof Shingle Basics

Every home is unique, the style, colors, and type of shingle matter. The most common shingles are fiberglass, asphalt, and ceramic varieties. More unique shingles include concrete, clay, slate, wood and even metal. Usually, shingles are placed in overlapping layers. Proper underlayment (under layers) ensures that quality shingles are durable and will prevent water from intruding into the structure for decades.

Shingles are the part of the roofing structure you see. Just as important are the layers placed below. The best roofs are made by removing all the old roofing. Some homeowners take a shortcut and set their new roof over the old one. Unfortunately, unrepaired damage under the old roof means the new roof is less durable and has a shorter lifetime.

The styles and colors available are numerous. Asphalt shingles are very economical, and these shingles have a great range of colors and cut patterns.

Wood roofing is attractive and durable, but it’s essential to be sure it is flame-retardant. You should contact your local building department to determine what the fire code requires. Concrete, slate, and clay shingles are heavy, and you should ask the roofer if your home structure is up to the task.

Metal Roofing

There are many misconceptions regarding metal roofs. They are a greater investment, but given the qualities of metal, it is worth it. Metal as a roofing material is more durable, has lower maintenance, and is energy efficient.

Metal reflects the sun’s rays keeping the home cooler in summer. Steel roofing has the potential to rust, but quality steel is rust resistant. A better alternative is aluminum – it will never rust. When properly installed, metal roofing takes extreme weather well.

It’s intuitive to think a metal roof is noisy in the rain, but that is not the case. Metal roofs are firmly secured and equally sound dampening as other materials. Another worry is cell phones losing signal – another misconception.

Tiger Team Roofing Roof Repairs

Any handyman can patch a roof, but it takes a pro to do it right. Patching may or may not work. It’s the basics of roof repair that every roofer should know.

A pro removes the underlayment and any damage to the bare roof. Then a roofer will add new under layers and restore undamaged shingles. Any damaged shingles are matched and placed – everything is like new.

Roofers Who Care

A new roof is expensive but vital, and you know South Florida weather is tough on your roof. Deciding between a repair and a new installation is best done with a pro on your side. Tiger Ream Roofing are your pros. We’re always ready to do a free estimate, answer every question, and get the job done on your terms. Call or visit our website anytime.