Roofer performing roof maintenance

To increase your home’s security and safeguard your investment, it is crucial to take proper care of your roof after installation. Below is maintenance advice that helps you keep your roof in good shape, delay deterioration, and increase its longevity. 

Frequent Cleanings

Your roof may become coated with grime and debris, which leads to moisture buildup, added wear to the roofing material, and damage to your tiles or shingles. Additionally, it promotes moss growth, which weighs down the surface and raises the possibility of collapse. We recommend that you look for a company offering roofing services in Boca Raton. Roofing experts should clean your roof a minimum of once a year or any time there is noticeable discoloration. By doing this, you can limit debris and avoid damage.

Cut Trees Back

Windstorms might damage your property due to nearby trees that have longer branches hanging over your residence. This damage can cause leaks in your home and make it accessible to rodents, like squirrels, that may chew through the roof. To prolong the life of your roof, cut down tree branches that exist within 10 feet of your home. You can also wrap metal sheets over the trunks to keep animals from jumping and climbing onto your rooftop.

Qualified Roof Inspections

Many households save money by skipping expert roof inspections and maintenance. However, hiring roofers to inspect your roof will enable you to ascertain whether your roof has a problem. Roofing experts can assist you in repairing any breakdowns and make further suggestions. In the long run, you can save money that would be spent on significant repairs or a replacement roof.

Clearing Mold Out

When a roof is located in a shaded area, it could hold moisture throughout the rainy months and promote the formation of mold. These fungi have the ability to discolor and consume the surface, hastening deterioration. To prolong the life of your roof, look out for mold. If you find mold growing on your roof, seek advice from roofing experts to decide the best mold eradication methods.


If you don’t have adequate ventilation, your roof will trap heat. This, ultimately, decreases its lifespan. To avoid your roof from trapping hot air, increase the ventilation throughout your home. Make sure all the air vents work efficiently. Install insulating material as well to deflect sunlight and delay aging.

Upgrading Shingles

When roofing shingles are installed incorrectly or are exposed to extreme weather, they may crack and break. When you notice an absent or damaged shingle, it’s important to look for a company that offers professional roofing services in Boca Raton. Professional roofers can examine the outer structure and make the necessary repairs. By doing this, you will take care of minor problems before they worsen and lead to leaks or major damage.

Seek Professional Roof Maintenance

By effectively maintaining your roof, you can extend its lifespan. To obtain trustworthy and qualified roof maintenance services, contact Tiger Team Roofing today.