Broken gutter leaking water

Galvanized aluminum or steel gutters can serve you for up to 20 years. They direct water from the home’s foundation, windows, and exterior walls. That helps prevent water damage to your building structure. Regular gutter maintenance and care can lengthen the system’s life. To know if your gutter system is due for replacement, look for the following telltale signs.

1.Peeling of Paint Around and on the Gutters

The robust structural design of gutters enables them to withstand wear and tear and harsh climates. The paints on the gutters won’t fade unless the systems get extremely old and start rusting. So, if you note that the paint on your gutters has started peeling off, it’s time to install a new gutter unit. Talk with a roofing company in Fort Lauderdale when you notice the flaking of paints from your housing walls.

2.Rust Spots, Cracks, and Holes

Get your gutters replaced in South Florida when you notice holes and cracks. As gutters age, they start developing rust spots and cracks. Smaller holes and cracks aren’t a big issue as you can fix them with a sealant. However, if almost all gutter sections have holes and cracks, it’s time to call Tiger Team Roofing to install new gutter systems.

3.Sagging or Poorly Aligned Gutters

Misaligned gutters are also telltale signs you should hire a roofing company in Fort Lauderdale to install new systems. Properly sized and functional gutters will maintain their perfect positions for years. However, as the gutters age and debris buildup up inside, they may pull away from the house. Repairing sagging gutter systems is costly, and the repaired systems may not last long before falling out of place again. Therefore, if you notice that the gutters are pulling away from the house or sagging, get them replaced immediately.

4.Broken or Old Fasteners

When your gutters are due for replacement, they develop unexpected issues such as broken and loose fasteners. When the screws and nails holding the gutters to the fascia become loose or broken, they can affect the overall performance of the gutters. These fasteners become loose over time as they work hard to direct water away from your home foundation and walls. Replacing the fasteners may work, but it won’t be a lasting solution. That’s the exact reason you should contact the roofers at Tiger Team Roofing to replace the gutters.

5.Pooling Water and Eroded Landscape

Water pooling and eroded landscape are core signs you should get gutters replaced in South Florida. When the gutters cannot drive water away from your foundation and basement, the water will pool around your foundation. As the water collects around the foundation, it leaks into the basement. Replacing a water-damaged basement is costly. Do not forget the high costs of mold restoration services. In many instances, when the gutters leak, your landscape will suffer in the process. You can avoid these costly water damages by getting damaged gutters replaced immediately. Malfunctioning gutters aren’t repairs you can schedule a further date. Postponing gutter repairs indefinitely will lead to costly water damage and mold growth. Gutters aren’t so expensive to replace, and it is a task your roofing team can complete in hours. For a free gutter replacement price estimate, contact our experienced roofers at Tiger Team Roofing now.