There are nearly 80 million single-family homes in the United States, and all of them have roofs of all kinds and types. Roofing contractors recommend getting a roof inspection twice every year, but most homeowners don’t have the time or the money to get their roofs inspected regularly. The roof is the last thing that homeowners are concerned with, and it is only after your roof develops leaks or starts falling apart do people take serious notice of it.  

Most people even believe that roof inspections are a waste of time and don’t do anything to prevent your roof from falling apart or deteriorating. That’s the wrong way to think. Your roof keeps you safe from the elements and is an essential part of your home, which is why you want it in perfect condition. You may not think about it, but your roof will suffer wear and tear, and leaving it unchecked, particularly in South Florida, can be dangerous.  

Do you remember the last time you had a roof inspection? If not, read on to learn why regular roof inspections from a roofing company in South Florida are necessary.  

Storm Damage

Heavy rain, high winds, wild hail, and ice dams can all severely damage your home’s roof, and you may need to claim insurance or call for repairs after a severe storm. Whenever there is a major storm in your area, you should always contact a roofer in Pembroke Pines to check its status and ensure that there isn’t any permanent or long-lasting damage. 

In most instances, you won’t have to worry as nothing may be damaged, or your roof may need minor repairs but no long-lasting issues. However, sometimes you may require extensive repairs on your roof and need to call a roofing company in South Florida that offers emergency roof repairs.  

Vegetation Damage 

If there are a lot of trees on your property and their branches are hanging over your roof, they can cause vegetation damage. The main problem with shrubbery and trees around your roof is that the gutters will be clogged due to leaves accumulating and becoming the perfect habitat for critters. Birds will start building nests on your roof and bury seeds in the vegetation.  

If you leave your roof unchecked, these seeds will start sprouting, and you will have plants growing on your roof. The major issue here is that your roof’s structure and integrity will be compromised. That will create leaks in your roof and will require extensive damage repairs.  

Aging Roof 

Most roofs last for around thirty years, but newer homes come with roofs that last for twenty years. However, that will only occur when you do occasional roof maintenance and handle all repairs quickly. Your home’s roof will only last for a specific period, no matter how well you have maintained it. Aging and weathering are natural processes, and eventually, you will need to replace your aging roof with a new one.  

Once your roof starts aging, you will notice that it will begin developing frequent problems, even when there aren’t any major storms. Addressing these problems quickly can prevent you from expensive repairs, which is when you should contact roofing contractors in South Florida.  

Home Security Concerns 

All homeowners want to secure their property and ensure no easy entry and exit points from the house, making it vulnerable to break-ins. However, a weak roof is one of the easiest spots that burglars target as they can easily slip inside. That’s why regular roof inspections are required, as you can test the structural integrity of your roof and ensure that there are no home security concerns.  

Even a small hole in your roof can become an inviting gap that can be widened by burglars, allowing them access to your home. Therefore, it’s better not to leave anything to chance and schedule a roof inspection from a roofer in Pembroke Pines.  

Get in Touch with Tiger Team Roofing for Roof Inspections Today 

The best way to prevent roof damage and expensive roofing repairs is to get regular roof inspections from Tiger Team Roofing in South Florida. It’s recommended to get roof inspections once every six months or twice a year, as that allows you to gauge your roof’s structural health and integrity. You can inspect your roof yourself or call professional roofing contractors for that.  

Whether you require complete roof replacements, minor repairs, or regular roof inspections, you can always count on Tiger Team Roofing to provide you with exceptional roofing services at affordable costs and complete satisfaction guaranteed.