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When Is It Recommended to Switch From Shingle to Tile Roofing?

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    Tile roofing is one of the most popular options chosen by property owners in South Florida. There are some compelling reasons to consider upgrading your shingle roofing to tile. The benefits of a switch to a tile roof include better resistance to the South Florida heat as well as improved durability and aesthetics. These benefits are worth taking a more in-depth look at so that you have a better understanding of when it is recommended to switch from shingle to tile roofing. 

    Tile Roofing Is a Great Option for Reflecting the Florida Heat 

    The Florida heat is one of the great things about living in the Sunshine State. At the same time, that heat can be hard on shingle roofs. Shingle roofs in South Florida routinely have issues that include warping, chipping, and splitting. If the shingle roof of your property is experiencing these types of issues, it is time to speak to your trusted roofer in Pembroke Pines about your tile roofing options. 

    Tile Roofing Can Stand Up to Hurricane-Force Winds 

    The hurricane-force winds that are common in Florida can take a heavy toll on shingle roofing. If your shingle roofing has wind damage, it may be time to consider switching to tile. The tile roofing option is better able to stand up to the wind conditions that are prevalent in South Florida. 

    A Switch to Tile Roofing Is a Good Long-Term Decision 

    Switching to tile roofing is a good move if you are looking for a roofing option that has some serious longevity. The durability of tile roofing means that it is a great long-term investment. 

    A Switch to Tile Roofing Is a Great Way to Boost Curb Appeal 

    The excellent aesthetics of tile roofing are another reason why you should consider this option. Adding a tile roof to your property is a proven way to boost your overall curb appeal. The fact that there are so many different styles of roof tiling available means you will have plenty of options to create the look that you want. 

    Speak to a Trusted Roofing Contractor About Upgrading to a Tile Roof 

    If you are ready to experience the benefits that have been detailed here, then it is time to reach out to your local roofing company in South Florida. Speak with an expert today about your tile roofing options. They will be happy to discuss the process of switching over from shingle to tile roofing. 

    Reach out to Tiger Team Roofing today for all of your roofing needs. We have worked tirelessly to establish our reputation as the leading roofing company in South Florida and proudly serve the region’s residential and commercial property owners. Give us a call today or leave us a message to find out more about the roof replacement, maintenance, and repair services that we offer here in South Florida.