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Roofing: Trends and What’s Popular

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    After the end of each winter, it is imperative to inspect the roof's condition to ensure that the shingles, sealant, and other accessories are not damaged. Depending on its condition, you may opt for a roof repair or a complete roof replacement. Roof replacement becomes essential to avoid water infiltration and other associated damages due to poor roof conditions. However, choosing a new roof design isn't easy as trends keep changing every year. And the same is for 2022 — home exterior trends are reaching new heights! 

    Here we present to you some popular roofing trends, FL, of 2022 to help you choose the roof design for your home! 

    Trendy Roof Architecture

    A few decades ago, most developers were forced to limit themselves to the simplest pitched roofs. Everything is possible today. The development of technologies and materials has made it possible to create the most complex designs that can surprise even the most demanding consumer. 

    There are lots of options. For example, a multi-level roof where the slopes do not converge in the ridge but create a broken structure. If the house has a complex shape, it can be decorated with a multi-gable rafter system, combining several gable elements. In houses of many floors, multi-level roofs are actively used. 

    But, being carried away by the delights of design, it is worth remembering that the more complex the roof, the more expensive it is. If you make mistakes, for example, in determining the angles of inclination of the slopes, snow and rainwater will linger on the roof, which is full of leaks. Therefore, roofing for a house requires an expert architect. 

    Some of the trending roof architectures are: 

    Pent Roofs 

    Pent roofs, also known as shed roofs or mono-pitched roofs, are increasingly pitched on small country houses. The main advantage of such a roof is its low cost.  

    Gable Roofs 

    Even though architects can come up with a roof of the most bizarre form today, gable structures do not give up their position due to their simplicity, practicality, and ease of execution. This practical and proven configuration has remained the most popular in the frequent timber construction industry. 

    Asymmetrical Roofs 

    Even the simplest roof leaves room for imagination. For example, you can make the slopes asymmetrical, adding originality to the house.  

    Green Roofs 

    Green roofs are gaining popularity in eco-construction, which focuses on the maximum environmental friendliness of building materials. The surface of the slopes is covered with a layer of earth and grass, low shrubs, and sometimes trees. A living roof decorates the house and serves as an excellent heat insulator. 

    Multi-colored Roofs 

    The widest range of roofing materials allows you to "paint" the most bizarre patterns on the roof. By combining tiles of different colors and shades, you can create bright mosaic panels on the tracks. Flexible shingles add to the aesthetics. 

    Trendy Roof Materials

    Zinc Roofing 

    All owners who wish to replace the roof or build a new home are concerned about which material to choose. Zinc is currently gaining popularity as a coating of choice due to its resistance, durability, and ecological side. Besides that, it has a unique and modern aesthetic. However, zinc roofing is relatively recent because people were looking for a robust material that does not oxidize or alter, regardless of the weather. It can last up to a hundred years. 

    Asphalt Roofing-an Evergreen Trend 

    Asphalt unifies different elements-wood, stone, fiber cement, and ceramic steel. Besides providing rock-solid protection, asphalt shingles roofing allows you to choose tone-on-tone textures or a mix of colors.  

    High-performance asphalt shingles provide optimal protection against severe weather events, such as hailstorms, strong winds, heavy rainfall, etc. By choosing the best shingles in the market, you ensure your house is protected for years to come. 

    Trendy Roof Colors 

    Unlike the fashion world, where trends change from season to season, trendy colors for roofing are relatively stable. 

    Black: Black roof coverings are often associated with more modern constructions with an interesting aesthetic finish. 

    Dark grey: Available in several materials and shades, dark gray makes it possible to create exciting contrasts with facades of houses in paler shades. 

    Brown: Although little differentiated, this color is popular because it ensures the longevity of the style of your home. 

    The choice of color will depend on the color of the house's exterior. Therefore, you will be limited by what was chosen before unless you undertake larger-scale work and completely revamp your home. 

    Finally, don't forget that you must consider the color choice since it is a long-term commitment to the exterior appearance of your home. We advise you to go with more neutral shades, such as the popular browns and grays since although trends are constantly changing, your roof is here to stay and lasts for many years. 

    These are some of the roofing trends that homeowners are opting for. So, if you’re planning to replace your roof with the most recent roofing trends, contact Tiger Team Roofing, one of the best in residential and commercial roofing in Fort Lauderdale. We have been offering roof repair and replacement services for years. Call 954-751-4979 for expert guidance from our professionals.