Two workers repairing a roof

You probably know that your home’s roof is one of the most important components of your home. Therefore, it’s critical to take good care of it. You’ll probably need to use one of the roofing services in Boca Raton for roof maintenance and residential roof repair. If you’re wondering about the types of roofing issues you must worry about, consider the following common problems.

Clogged Gutters

If you don’t already have gutters installed on your roof, you should consider hiring roofing experts to install them. Gutters are important for directing water from your roof. This helps keep your roof in good condition, helps prevent foundation damage and more. Not only should you make sure you have gutters, but you should make sure those gutters are kept clean. Failing to clear leaves and debris from your gutters will prevent them from working properly and can eventually cause problems for your roof.

Storm-Related Damage

During severe thunderstorms or other inclement weather, you must worry about your roof being damaged. A tree limb could fall on your roof due to high winds and could cause damage, or a tornado could rip part of your roof completely off your home. In these cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy might pay to repair the storm-related damage, so you will probably want to contact your insurance company to file a claim. Roofing experts like the team at Tiger Team Roofing can come out and assess your storm-related damage, can help with residential roof repair, and can even work with your insurance company to make things easier for you.


Roof leaks happen for many reasons. If you haven’t kept up with roof maintenance and inspections, then a small leak might have been ignored and might have gotten worse. Chimney damage, flashing damage, and other issues can contribute to roof leaks. As soon as you’re aware of them, you should address them, since a leaking roof can cause a lot of property damage to your home.

Missing Shingles

If your shingles are properly attached to your roof, you shouldn’t have to worry about them falling off for a while. However, shingles might be blown off your roof on a windy day, particularly as they age. Even if a few missing shingles might not seem like a big deal right now, you’ll want to have repairs done by a company that offers roofing services in Boca Raton. Otherwise, you must worry about leaks occurring.

Worn-Out Shingles

Over time, your shingles can become cracked, brittle, or otherwise worn out. Once this happens, it’s probably time to have a new roof installed. After all, your roof will be a lot more prone to damage once your shingles are worn out. Plus, worn shingles can make your home look dated and poorly maintained. A roofing professional can talk to you about your new roofing options and can get your new roof installed for you.

To keep your roof in good condition, you should watch out for the above-mentioned issues. Contact Tiger Team Roofing for help with any of these issues and all your other residential roofing needs.