Rain coming down on a roof

Fort Lauderdale experiences plenty of rainy days each year, and the climate is ideal for plant growth. While the rain provides a pleasant environment, it also makes your home’s additional  

maintenance necessary. 

You need to get regular gutter maintenance done at least 2-3 times a year. It should be a key part of home maintenance in such tropical areas. However, many homeowners dread gutter cleaning, downspout cleaning, and overall gutter maintenance because it is a time-intensive chore that often leaves you dirty and tired. 

The regular maintenance you have to do using ladders and going on the roof also increases the likelihood of injury. Hence, most homeowners hire a professional roofing company in Fort Lauderdale like Tiger Team Roofing for gutter maintenance. 

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, gutter maintenance is a crucial chore that can save you a fortune! 

How Gutter Maintenance Can Save You a Fortune 

Here are just some of the ways gutter maintenance saves you money. 

  • Roof Leak 

Unmaintained gutters get clogged and start spilling water everywhere, but they also hold off the water on your roof. This water won’t stay on your roof for long, as it will either start damaging your roof or find its way through and create a roof leak. 

Getting roof repairs or even a roof leak repair in Fort Lauderdale is not very pocket-friendly. Roof leaks, in particular, can also lead to slip and fall injuries or water damage in your home. Left unchecked, they can also create the perfect conditions for mold growth in your attic spaces. 

Moreover, gutter clogs can cause leaves, shrubs, twigs, and other debris to start decomposing on your roof. This mess can lead to the growth of fungi, mushrooms, or tree seedlings, which can damage the structural integrity of your roof. 

  • Water Damage 

When a clogged gutter spills water, it doesn’t just damage your roof. The water can seep through your walls, ceilings, and other areas to cause some serious water damage. The average repair costs of water damage can be anywhere between $1,000 and $4,000. 

It might also ruin the fixtures, furnishings, and electronics. When left unchecked, water damage can easily cause mold growth in your home and lead to severe structural damage. 

  • Structural Damage 

Water damage from clogged gutters can weaken any wall or ceiling it spreads to. Over time, this can negatively impact the structural integrity of walls and ceilings. Structural damage of any kind is very expensive to repair and can be very dangerous for your household. 

  • Foundational Damage 

When water from your clogged gutter falls on the ground around your home, it can easily reach the foundation of your home. This gutter water leads to structural damage to your foundation. If you thought roof leak repair in Fort Lauderdale were expensive, foundational damage is even more expensive. 

Not to mention that it is also more difficult to properly assess and repair. Left unchecked, a weak foundation can pose some very serious risks to your household and home as well. 

  • Basement Flooding 

One of the most common causes of basement flooding is an unmaintained or clogged gutter and downspout. Unmanaged water spilling around your home can flow or seep into your basement and cause flooding. 

Not only will this create water, structural and foundation damage, but it will also damage all the decor, electronics, furnishings, and possessions you may keep in your basement. Moreover, flooding in the basement creates the perfect environment for mold growth. 

  • Mold Damage 

Whether it is your basement, walls, ceiling, attic, or roof, water damage anywhere can create the potential for mold growth. Florida’s humid climate and rainy weather are prime for mold gestation. 

Mold damage is difficult to assess and costly to remove, and it tends to come back if not done properly. What’s worse is that it can cause serious respiratory issues for anyone who breaths in the mold spores. 

  • Medical Bills 

Mold and mildew can lead to respiratory problems and serious chronic problems over time, especially in children. While you may have health insurance for your family, you can’t calculate the long-term medical costs of such health issues. 

  • Resale Value 

All the mentioned roof, water, structural, foundational, basement, and mold damage can easily bring down the market value of your home, especially when they aren’t addressed immediately. Unmaintained gutters, mold on your roof, water damage in your home are all unsightly, whereas nothing drops your home’s resale or market value like structural and foundational damage. 


All the mentioned things and their costs are not worth delaying or avoiding a slightly inconvenient chore. Gutter maintenance is crucial in the state of Florida, and you should never avoid it. Think of the mentioned things, the money you will save, and you will surely smile while you clean your gutters and downspout. 

If not, you can always hire a professional roofing company in Fort Lauderdale to do an excellent job for you. We highly recommend Tiger Team Roofing, as they are experts on all things roof-related, including gutter maintenance. 

If you want to learn more about how gutter maintenance can save you a fortune, or even about something as simple as a roof leak repair in Fort Lauderdale, please visit our website today.