Finding the right contracting company is key to ensuring that your home is properly installed with the right roof. Researching and hiring a contractor who understands the job and has experience handling various materials and construction methods is important. These five tips will help you in your search to identify a reliable and experienced roofing […]

Your roof is probably the largest single surface on your home. It acts as a barrier against wind, rain, and sun. In addition, your roof’s health is often the deciding factor in your home’s market value.  A roof restoration and repair service can help you maintain your roof’s quality. Here are six situations where a […]

Your home’s roofing is a significant investment. So, it is very crucial that you get the best roofing company to install, repair, or replace your roof. Before committing to any contractor, a thorough review of the company can make a massive difference to your savings and safety. Here are some tips from Tiger Team Roofing […]

Are you looking forward to installing a new roof on your business? If so, you are probably wondering if hiring a local commercial roofing company is better than just heading to your local home improvement store or going directly to a large corporation. While you might think it would be easier to go with a […]

The roof on your house is one of the largest investments you’ll make. A good roof will keep the rain out, reduce your heating costs, and protect your home from damage caused by storms and earthquakes. But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy decision to make. You will be required to spend some time researching […]

Hiring reputable Boca Raton roofing experts is one of the most important and expensive decisions you will make. Once your roof is installed, it’s virtually impossible to change it. Expert roofing services in Boca Raton are usually offered at a fair price. If you don’t choose wisely, you could be stuck in a roofing nightmare. […]

Maintaining your home requires giving your roof attention throughout the year to ensure it stays in great shape. Over time, the materials can begin to wear down and deteriorate. As a homeowner, there are a few reasons why you should hire professional roofing contractors to work on the structure. 1. Increase the Roof’s Lifespan A […]

Staying up to speed on the current trends is among the most crucial things for homeowners. Previously, this mostly meant staying current with interior style trends for your house. However, you should also stay up with current home exterior trends. And thanks to advancements in roof designs and materials, your roof is a terrific place […]

After the end of each winter, it is imperative to inspect the roof’s condition to ensure that the shingles, sealant, and other accessories are not damaged. Depending on its condition, you may opt for a roof repair or a complete roof replacement. Roof replacement becomes essential to avoid water infiltration and other associated damages due […]

If you want to make a minor repair to your roof or replace it completely, Tiger Team Roofing will guarantee you maximum satisfaction. The weather of South Florida does take its toll on the rooftop of your house. However, Tiger Team Roofing will help restore your roof to its original form and help protect it […]

Looking for the right tile roof for your home in South Florida? Tiger Team Roofing provides customers with high-quality concrete tile roof products that are aesthetically beautiful and durable. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you’ll find that adding a tile roof to your home is an effective way to complement its […]

Roof leaks of any size can cause significant damage to your home if it’s not discovered and repaired quickly. Depending on the severity and source of the leak, you may have to call a trusted Fort Lauderdale roofing company for a roof repair or roof replacement.