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What Is Emergency Roof Repair?

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    Compared to most other types of home maintenance efforts, projects, and repairs, roof repair of any kind is a matter of urgency. Your roof protects your home and family, and you need to ensure it is maintained and functional at all times.

    However, there are degrees to how urgent a roof repair is, with the most urgent ones considered as an actual emergency.

    Let’s discuss what emergency roof repair is with some examples, other types of urgent and non-urgent roof repairs for comparison, and where you’ll find the best roofer for any emergency roof repair in Fort Lauderdale.

    This information will help you gauge the urgency of your roof repairs and know when to call a reliable, professional roofer in Fort Lauderdale like Tiger Team Roofing.

    What Is Emergency Roof Repair?

    Naturally, the most urgent roof repairs are “emergency” repairs and require urgent, same-day repairs or some temporary patchwork to prevent further damage. Many situations like a hurricane, storm or house fire may result in roof damage that needs emergency repairs.

    Here are some examples to help you better understand emergency roof repairs.

    Severe Roof Leaks

    A storm tears shingles or tiles of your roof and has created severe roof leaks that quickly start to pour water into your home when it rains. Leaks in a roof are considered an emergency because they can result in extensive water damage in your home unless the roof leaks are repaired.

    Caved-In Roof

    Inclement weather has caused a large object like a branch or an entire tree to fall on your roof, resulting in part of your roof caving in. With a caved-in roof, you lose the protective layer between your home and the outdoors. Rainwater, pests, or flying objects can enter your home easily.

    Fire Damage

    A house fire may have burned down a part of your roof. A burnt roof is a serious emergency because the fire has possibly compromised the integrity of its structure. It needs immediate professional inspection and repairs to fix the load-bearing areas and preserve structural integrity.

    Severe Sectional Damage

    An entire section of your roof is so severely damaged that you need a tarp to cover it up and prevent water and pests from entering your home. When a roof section is damaged, it can cause water damage that requires extensive repairs and may need temporary patchwork before the whole section can be repaired or replaced.

    Semi-Urgent Roof Repairs

    All roof leaks are urgent and require immediate repairs, but they are not always an emergency. For instance, a small leak with slow-flowing water needs to be repaired urgently but does not require same-day repairs or even temporary patchwork like an emergency repair does.

    Although, if semi-urgent roof repairs are left unchecked for long, they may easily turn into an emergency roof repair in Fort Lauderdale, where inclement weather can quickly change circumstances. Ideally, you should get a professional roofer in Fort Lauderdale to inspect and repair your semi-urgent roof damage as soon as possible.

    Non-Urgent Roof Repairs

    Perhaps “non-urgent” is the wrong term because any roof repair is more urgent than other types of repairs in your home. Still, there are some roof repairs that you may be able to wait out till your next regular roof inspection.

    For example, if something like a hailstorm damages the shingles on your roof, you may need to call your insurance adjuster and schedule a roof inspection. Once the inspection is complete and your claim is filed, you’ll need to get the damaged shingles replaced to prolong the lifespan of your roof and shingles.

    This is not an urgent roof repair and nowhere near an emergency, but it is not something you should prolong either. Similarly, if your roof has aged and needs replacement, it is not an emergency that needs addressing on the same day but the earlier you replace it, the fewer risks you bear.


    By now, you should have a good understanding of what an emergency roof repair in Fort Lauderdale entails. However, it is important to realize that no roofer will inspect or repair your roof during harsh or inclement weather.

    They will only do it once the storm passes, the rain or strong winds subside, and the dangers are over. Still, you should call and book your emergency repairs at the earliest because it is safe to assume that many other homes in your area need similar emergency repairs.

    We strongly recommend contacting Tiger Team Roofing for emergency roof repairs as soon as you realize you need same-day repairs or temporary patchwork to prevent further damage.

    If you want to learn more about emergency roof repairs or are looking for the best professional roofer in Fort Lauderdale, please visit our website today.