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3 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for the Rainy Season

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    In Fort Lauderdale, it seems the rainy season is year-round, from drizzles to mass thunderstorms; but did you know that we do have a defined rain season?

    The rainy season for Fort Lauderdale is from May through October, this is when South Floridians can expect thunderstorms and the notorious summer rainfall. According to recent data, the wettest month with the highest rainfall of the year in Fort Lauderdale is August; this also falls during hurricane season. The average rainfall in August is about 23.6 days. Knowing that rainiest month of the year is approaching, here are 5 tips to adequately prepare your roof:

    1. Clean Your Roofs Gutters

    Don’t neglect your gutters, safely check your gutters, and if needed, clean out leaves and any other debri that has accumulated. The gutters of your roof control the flow of rainwater, keeping them free of debri buildup helps protect your roof and home from water damage.

    2. Maintain The Trees Around Your Home

    Maintaining the trees around your home can help mitigate future roofing issues caused by weakened trees and loose branches. During a storm, a loose branch can fall on your roof and cause damage. Also, check that no trees are growing against your gutters.

    3. Inspect Your Roof

    Safely inspect your roof to make sure there are no missing or damaged shingles or tiles. Replacing and fixing small damages helps protect your roof in the long run.

    If you do find damage to your roof and you’re located within one of our South Florida service areas, call us or fill out the form on this page.